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Despite being more than 4,000 miles away, this roofing and construction manufacturer on the Caribbean island of Barbados has long chosen Hydraulics Online as its hydraulics supplier – ensuring reliable, timely deliveries of equipment needed to keep production running…

From its factory in Barbados, this company manufactures a range of products used in the construction industry, including welded wire mesh for concrete reinforcement, reinforcing steel bars, corrugated roof cladding, gutters and hurricane shutters.

Because most of its products are manufactured on a “to order” basis, if there is a problem on any of the production machines this doesn’t only bring production to a halt – it can cause serious delays for its construction company customers too.

With this in mind, it is important to the firm that replacement parts and machinery arrive quickly when something goes wrong. Production manager, Ricky explains: “We aim to supply our customers in 24 hours, because they need parts quickly. I only have one machine of each type, so when a machine is not working it has a significant impact on our business – the whole production line can be finished.  It’s bad news for us and our customers.”


“I don’t think Hydraulics Online has ever refused an order or been unable to source what I needed.” Ricky, Production Manager

The Search for a Reliable Hydraulics Supplier

In the course of ongoing maintenance and repairs, Ricky’s machines can require a variety of components, including hydraulic pumps, cylinders and motors.

Unfortunately, Ricky’s existing hydraulics supplier were not as efficient as he needed them to be – so Ricky needed to look for something better.

“With my old suppliers, there were delays in their response to my enquiry. Then they were slow getting back to me. And the alternatives they suggested were expensive,” Ricky explains.

As a result, Ricky began to look for a new hydraulics supplier that could deliver the service he required.  He found Hydraulics Online while searching on the Internet and, in September 2011, placed his first order with Hydraulics Online – a hydraulic motor for an “obsolete” machine.

Ricky says: “From day one, Hydraulics Online has been excellent. They get back to me straight away. They offer extremely competitive pricing. And the delivery is excellent.”

Difficult-to-Source Parts

Because some of Ricky’s machines are old, finding the replacement parts he needs isn’t always easy.

Ricky’s first order with Hydraulics Online was for a very old machine for which he had experienced some challenges finding parts. But the team at Hydraulics Online came back to him with a quote for a suitable replacement part straight away.

Ricky has been very impressed with the speed at which the team at Hydraulics Online can source a suitable part for him. “If they can’t find the exact part,” says Ricky, “they come back to me quickly with suggestions for alternatives. To date, Hydraulics Online has always been able to satisfy every requirement. I don’t think they’ve ever refused an order or been unable to find a part I needed.”


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From day one, Hydraulics Online has been excellent. (Ricky, Production Manager)

Despite being more than 4,000 miles away, the delivery of parts has always been timely, quick and as promised.

With flights running regularly from the UK to Barbados with a variety of operators, the delivery of the equipment from Hydraulics Online has always been prompt – keeping disruptions to a minimum on the production line and for Ricky’s customers.

“Speed is important to me,” says Ricky, “and if Hydraulics Online can’t find what I need, they find an alternative quickly and arrange shipment very quickly. The service from Hydraulics Online is the best.”

Whether you’re around the corner here in the UK or, like Ricky, thousands of miles away and looking for a reliable hydraulics supplier who feels like a part of your team – we’re here.

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