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This global supply and logistics company specialises in products distribution, contract supply and fulfilment solutions. In Hydraulics Online it has found a hydraulic procurement partner that helps it deliver excellent service for its customers.

Support to Get Things Right

The majority of the requirements are hydraulic motors for different drilling rigs and other heavy machinery on site.  “Some of the specifications are quite sketchy and one thing Hydraulics Online is very good at is giving us a complete list of everything they need to know about that particular part in order to ensure that we are always quoting the right thing for the client,” he continues.

The customer service team value the additional support Hydraulics Online offers to assist in that regard, such as supplying datasheets about each part to attach to the quote.

“The other good thing about Hydraulics Online is that once they have quoted a lead time, they will stick to it,” says their account manager. “They meet their lead times, and this keeps our clients happy, which makes us happy.

Hydraulic Motors Hydraulics Online

Independent Hydraulic Procurement Partner

A key part of the Hydraulics Online business model is its independence in terms of equipment, brands and suppliers and this is something he values highly.

“Because Hydraulics Online can source things through different suppliers they are able to offer very good lead times. I know from previous hydraulic procurement experience that it can be a bit of a minefield when sourcing hydraulic parts, but working with Hydraulics Online removes that risk for us. Rather than us having to call around different manufacturers, they can quote like for like for us. And they have good routes in to those manufacturers – they get the answers we need quickly.”


Rather than us having to call around different manufacturers, Hydraulics Online can quote like for like for us.

Hydraulic Brands

“If there is ever a problem getting pricing for any reason, Hydraulics Online will let us know the reason and we can go back to our clients and share that information.”  Through this openness and attention to detail, Hydraulics Online supports the service the supply and logistics business can deliver to its customers.

This support has extended to the financial support Hydraulics Online has offered.  As a new start-up without historical financial records, securing initial credit can be a challenge.

“Hydraulics Online has been very accommodating with us because they know we make our payments – our relationship has been built up on trust,” he concludes, “Hydraulics Online are very approachable and they are always on hand to answer any questions our clients have.  It’s brilliant; they are a one-stop shop for us.”

Whether you’re in a busy hydraulic procurement role regularly needing a reliable, ‘go to’ supplier, or simply have a one-off need to source equipment that you can be certain is fit for purpose – we’re here.

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