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A Hydraulics Online Case Study

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Our customer, an international player in underwater cabling, began using Hydraulics Online in 2014, when the business found itself in a tight spot concerning a particular part.

One of their ship superintendents, remembers: “We had a pressing need to replace a part on some legacy equipment for which it had become difficult to source spares.”

“Our regular supplier at the time couldn’t supply the part we needed.”

Subsea Hydraulics – A Rapid Response

A quick internet search led our customer to Hydraulics Online.  “I called Hydraulics Online because at that stage I had nothing to lose. I gave them a call and within two hours the Hydraulics Online team came back to me to say ‘yes, we can source that’. It was an absolute revelation.”

“Based on a minimal part description and some photos, they had managed to source a suitable part – and at a keen, competitive price.”

On the back of that experience, Hydraulics Online became one of their approved suppliers for marine and subsea hydraulics.


“Contacting Hydraulics Online was an absolute revelation.” Ship Superintendent

Good Supplier Relationships

“Having good supplier relationships is crucial to keep our fleet moving,” our customer continues.

“Every year a ship is aged, spares become more difficult to obtain.  Knowing we have suppliers we can count on to deliver what we need is really important to us.

Tank ship out at sea

“Hydraulics Online’s speed of response and turnaround times are great; when you need spares in a hurry, that’s brilliant. It means I don’t have to keep chasing people to get an answer.”

A Personal Approach

As well as the speed of Hydraulics Online’s service, our customer also appreciates the personal approach the company takes.

“I would say Hydraulics Online are in the top end of response times in our industry.”

I know Hydraulics Online will come through for me. They stand out amongst the others because they offer such efficient service. (Ship Superintendent).

“Working with Hydraulics Online is great,” our customer says.  “I know I can ring up the people I need to speak with direct.  I get a personal service; I feel like Hydraulics Online cares.  It’s nice when you feel like you know the person you’re dealing with.”

“When I need something there and then, I call one of the sales team and I know Hydraulics Online will come through for me.”

Whether you’re looking for subsea hydraulics or in need of industrial and mobile solutions for use firmly on dry land – we’re here.