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    Bucher Hydraulic Flow Function Valves

    The Bucher hydraulic flow function valve range includes:

    Differential Lock Valve MTDV for 2 motors

    Differential lock valves are designed to be used in either open or closed-loop hydrostatic drives with parallel-connected hydraulic motors. The inlet flow can split itself between the motors in any necessary fashion, when the lock valve is switched off. When the lock valve is switched on, the motors are enforced to operate at equal speeds. This prevents any hydraulic wheel motor from spinning in circumstances of insufficient traction. The range of the differential lock valves include; MTDV 100_P_000002_E and MTDV 100_P_000002_US.

    Throttle valves

    400-P-405071-E, 400-P-405101-E, 400-P-405101-E, 400-P-610101-E, 400-P-618101-E, 400-P-618201-E, 400-P-605101-E, 400-P-615101-E, 400-P-616101-E, 400-P-427101-E and 400-P-427101-E.

    Throttle check valves

    400-P-407101-E, 400-P-407101-E, 400-P-425101-E, 400-P-425101-E, 400-P-430101-E, 400-P-431101-E, 400-P-436101-E, 400-P-425101-E, 400-P-430101-E, 400-P-431101-E, 400-P-436101-E, 400-P-425101-E, 400-P-430101-E, 400-P-431101-E, 400-P-436101-E, 400-P-425101-E, 400-P-430101-E, 400-P-431101-E, 400-P-436101-E, 400-P-425101-E, 400-P-430101-E, 400-P-431101-E, 400-P-436101-E, 400-P-425101-E, 400-P-430101-E, 400-P-431101-E and 400-P-436101-E.

    MRP / MVR series flow control valves, (cartridge design)

    400-P-408101-E, 400-P-410201-E, 400-P-411101-E and 400-P-412101-E.

    MVRPLSA series proportional flow-control cartridge

    The two-stage proportional flow-control cartridge ensures exceptional load-holding function, due to leak-free design and load-independent lowering. The range of proportional flow control valves includes; MVRPLSA 400_P_625101_E, AY 400-P-040271-E and GAYA 400-P-720231-E.

    MTCA, MTKA and MTQA series priority flow control valves

    These Bucher hydraulic flow function valves provide a continuous, pressure-compensated, flow of hydraulic liquid in one direction. They divide an inlet flow into a continual, priority flow and a surplus flow. Both can be pressurised separately and are safeguarded by an adjustable pressure relief valve functioning in the inlet flow. The range of priority flow control valves includes; MTCA 100_P_000046_E, MTxA 100_P_000046_E and MTQA 100_P_000046_E.

    MTKK / MTKL series 2 and 3-Way flow control valves

    The MTKK / MTKL series provide a continuous, pressure-compensated flow of hydraulic liquid.  Surplus inlet flow can be used elsewhere. The constant flow setting can be fixed or adjusted. The range of flow control valves includes; MTKK / MTKL 100_P_000035_E.

    SMA / SMB series stack-mounting flow control valves

    These stack-mounting flow control valves provide pressure-independent division of a flow of oil into a constant flow and a surplus flow. Inlet flow maximum 40 l/min.

    SRCA, SRCB and SRR series flow control valves

    The flow-control valves provide the working speed of motors and cylinders, the setting being load-independent, i.e. pressure compensated. The flow rate is set by a slit-type orifice that is adjusted by a proportional solenoid. The range of flow control valves: SRCA 100_P_000144_E, SRCB 100_P_000091_E, SRCB 100_P_000091_US, SRR 100_P_000090_E and SRR 100_P_000090_US.

    MTDA series flow dividers

    These Bucher hydraulic flow function valves split the flow in two separate parts. When the flow passes through a valve in the opposite direction, the two part-flows are combined into one single flow. The range of flow dividers includes: MTDA 100_P_000052_E, MTDA 100_P_000052_US and MTDA-H 100_P_000101_E.

    QXT series internal flow dividers

    These flow dividers split a flow into as many as four portions. The division ratios remain continuous and are unchanged by the loads at the actuators. They can be used to provide synchronised movement of disproportionately loaded cylinders.The range of QXT series flow dividers includes; QXT 100_P_000059_E and QXT 100_P_000059_US.

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