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    Hydac Pressure Valves

    Hydac Pressure Valves

    Hydac pressure valves…

    Hydac ValvesHydac pressure valves offer a comprehensive range of functions that are used in many hydraulic applications. Pressure valves determine the pressure in a hydraulic system, aided by either mechanical or hydraulic alteration of cross-sections.

    The range of Hydac pressure valves comprises:

    Pressure relief valves, poppet-type direct: DB06A, DB06C, DB3E, DB4E, DB4E-CE, DB4E-25X, DB08A, DB10-01, DB10120A-13X, DB10SE, DB1210A and DB12120A-CE.

    Pressure relief valves, spool-type direct: DB16621E.

    Pressure relief valves, type pilot poppet: VP-DBP10.

    Pressure relief valves, pilot spool: DB08P, DB10P, DB12P, DB16P, DB10120A, DB10SPE, DB12121PE, DB12121PF, ZW-DB06 and ZW-DB10.

    Pressure-reducing valves, pilot-operated: DR08P, DR10P, DRM10130P, VP-DRP10 and ZW-DM10.

    Pressure-reducing valves, direct acting: DR08, DR10, DMVE, DMM10121 and ZW-DM06.

    Accumulator charging valves: DLHSD and DLHSR.

    Pressure sequence valves: DZ5E, DZM06020 and DZM12121PE.

    Don’t worry if you’re not sure on what sort of valve you need; our experienced team will be able to determine the one that will be best suited to your application.