Hydac Hydraulic Valves

Hydac hydraulic valves are built with decades of experience in valve technology with an extensive range available for mobile and industrial applications

The range comprises directional, pressure, flow, check, proportional and slip-in cartridge valves:

Hydac directional valves include spool and poppet type, operated directly or pilot-operated and with different operating modes – hydraulic, magnetic or manual. Meanwhile, Hydac’s pressure and flow valves offer a comprehensive range of functions that are used in many hydraulic applications.

Spool and poppet check valves help to control the opening and closing of hydraulic components; they control inlet, discharge or outlet of hydraulic fluids.

Hydac’s proportional valves are electronically actuated valves for which the output value – pressure or flow – is changed at the same ratio as the inlet value. Cartridge valves are able to deal with the harshest environments and high flows and are typically found in industrial hydraulic applications.

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