Argo-Hytos Manifolds and Connecting Plates

Sandwich plates are the basic elements of any vertical stacking; connecting all sections to the pressure supply via the sandwich plate central supply and connecting consumers to the side connections of the sandwich plates.

The basic block, the connection plate, the sandwich plate for valves or the lower plate provide a number of options to connect CETOP directional valves with the consumer. An in-line housing means that screw-in valves can be integrated in piping systems. Base plates for pressure relief valves offer a number of options to integrate the pressure relief in a vertical stacking. Most sandwich plates and control blocks are available in aluminium or steel.

The range of Argo Hytos manifolds and connecting plates comprises:

Sub plates for valves with a body and modular valves:

Standard serial plates, serial plates with side ports, blanking plates, adaptor plates and sub plates.

Screw-in Cartridge Valve Bodies:

Sub plates and sandwich plates for valves.

Power Pack Base Plates with Built in Pressure-Relief Valve:

Base manifolds with pressure relief valves and serial plate assemblies.

Please contact us for details, advice and configuration options, if you cannot see the Argo Hytos manifolds that you need – our award-winning team will still be able to help!