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The Atos Group is a supplier of hydraulic equipment worldwide. Initially founded in Italy, they now have 9 plants spanning Europe, Asia and North America.

The Atos Group is headquartered in Italy but manufactures and supplies hydraulics globally, reaching over 80 countries. As a leading manufacturer of electro-hydraulic systems and components, they have advanced technology seamlessly integrating hydraulics with electronics.

Every year they manufacture millions of components and fittings that keep machinery moving in every continent. The company’s product range includes: hydraulic pumps, cylinders and servo cylinders, pressure – flow and check valves, modular valves, on-off directional controls, safety valves, proportional valves, electronics, axis motion controls, cartridge valves, ATEX-rated / explosion-proof valves, subplates and accessories, power packs and systems and accessories.

Atos Hydraulics

Specialising in electro-hydraulic systems, Atos products can be grouped into three main product lines:

  • Industrial hydraulic equipment designed for transport, construction, defence, entertainment, manufacturing wind power and agriculture. The range includes proportional valves, axis and P/Q controls, on-off valves, cylinders, pumps and servo pumps and filters.
  • Explosion-proof equipment and systems are also available for applications in the energy, oil, gas and mining industries.
  • Harsh or sanitary conditions required in the marine, food and chemical sectors are catered for by the Atos stainless steel range of hydraulic equipment.


With a pledge to reinvest 10% of turnover into research and development, Atos aims to remain at the cutting edge of the hydraulics industry – with an eye constantly on the improvement and evolution of their technology. Atos has 75 staff employed solely for the purpose of quality management and control, ensuring that everything that leaves their factories can be reliably put to the test, no matter what you’re doing.

Please contact us for further technical guidance and details on Atos hydraulic equipment and components – we’ll be happy to help!

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