Dana Brevini Hydraulic Motors

Dana Brevini hydraulic motors fall into three categories: axial motors, orbital motors and gear motors.

The compact design of Dana Brevini hydraulic motors delivers high performance and maximum efficiency in small spaces.

Dana Brevini Axial Motors | Dana axial piston motors have fixed or variable displacement and cover both open and closed circuit usage. All models incorporate high-quality components and are produced through advanced manufacturing techniques. They combine high efficiency with long life. The range of axial motors comprises the following series: SH11C | SH11CR | SH7V | SH7VR | SH9V | MD11V | H1C | H1CR | H2V

Dana Orbital Motors | SAC orbital motors are available in both the gerotor and geroller set versions. The motors can be used in diverse applications including: agriculture farming, building, forestry, cranes, lifting platforms and forklifts. Torques go up to 1220 Nm and power ratings up to 44 kW. The range of orbital motors comprises the following series: BGM | BG-BH | BR-BS | AR | HR | HT | BRZ | CTM

Dana Gear Motors | Dana SAC offers a wide range of gear motors to suit a wide range of heavy working conditions. The gear motors’ construction includes a gear housing from extruded in aluminium alloy and mounting flanges and covers made in cast iron material. This construction means that Dana gear motors can be used in heavy working conditions and allow the transmission of high hydraulic powers. They also offer very good mechanical and volumetric efficiencies, a low noise level and limited weight in comparison with the transmittable power. The range of Dana gear motors comprises series: OT100 | OT200 | OT300 | OT2HR

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