David Brown Hydraulics

David Brown Hydraulics, previously known as Hamworthy Hydraulics is today part of the Hydreco Group.

David Brown Hydraulics manufactured hydraulic products servicing the transport and mobile hydraulics sector.

The product range is designed for maximum torque, the highest reliability and ease of installation and includes: helical gear and spur gear pumps, lifting winches, monobloc valves, selector valves, sectional valves, unloader valves, crane slewing drives, crane winch drives, hydraulic pilot controls/pilot valves; single lever control, dual axis control and foot pedal controls.

David Brown Pumps and Motors | include helical gear and spur gear pumps and motors with cast iron and aluminium bodies. Their key features are high durability, long life and high efficiency. This, in conjunction with the low noise characteristics of the helical gear pumps, makes them highly suitable for modern machinery.

David Brown pumps feature spur gears, helical gears and displacements from 4.0 to 239cc/rev. Uni-directional or reversible motors. Single or multiple assemblies. Cast iron or aluminium bodies and high pressure ratings.

David Brown valves | have a range of control options available including: manual, pilot, pneumatic or electro-hydraulic control. David Brown valves feature sectional or monoblock construction and support  flow ratings to 450 litres/min.

David Brown hydraulics controls | including single lever control, dual axis control, foot pedal control, as well as purpose-designed controls.  Depending on model, David Brown pilot control features include: individual, single or dual levers, dual axis joysticks, magnetic detents, single or dual foot pedals, accumulator or electric isolation, as well as a range of different circuit and switch options.

Please contact us if you cannot see the David Brown Hydraulics (Hydreco) equipment that you need – we’ll still be able to help!