David Brown Hydraulics Valves

David Brown Hydraulics valves offer responsive, accurate, reliable and robust performance in evening the most challenging of circumstances

Previously known as Hamworthy, David Brown Hydraulics are now part of the Hydreco group. The range of valves includes electrical control, directional and Powauto valves.

Electrical control valves

Hydreco (David Brown) electrical control valves offer a range of control options including proportional directional, direct operated, solenoid directional, pressure compensated and sectional directional with load sensing:

  • DDL and DDM 6-port flow diverter with 2 positions, maximum 320 bar with DDL 60 l/min and DDM 90 l/min;
  • HDE3 direct operated proportional directional valve, operating pressure to 350 bar and flows to 40 l/min;
  • HDL3 direct operated, solenoid directional valves; flows to 80 l/min and operating pressures up to 350 bar;
  • HDL5 direct operated, solenoid directional valves with operating pressures up to 320 bar and flow capacity to 120 l/min;
  • HQE3 proportional flow control valves with pressure compensation, operating pressure to 250 bar and flow capacity up to 40 l/min;
  • SDL | SDM | SDS sectional directional valves with operating pressures to 320 bar and flow to 60 l/min;
  • SLSE load-sensing, sectional proportional directional valve with operating pressures to 315 bar for flows to 45 l/min.

Directional control valves

Depending on the model features these David Brown Hydreco valves include sectional or monobloc construction, flow ratings to 450 litres/minute, multiple spool options, manual / hydraulic / pneumatic / electro hydraulic control options, tandem circuits and mutiple inlets:

  • 033 Sectional from 1 to 10 sections, rated at 150 l/min;
  • Q Series with cast iron body for high maximum working pressures from 325 to 375 bar;
  • MVT150 mobile control valves for flows up to 565 l/min;
  • V37-100A | V38-100A high capacity pilot-operated system relief valves for flows to 265 and 380 l/min respectively;
  • V3A4011 (270 l/min) and V3A4013 valves (450 l/min) available in 1, 2 and 3 spool assemblies and tandem circuit with double-acting and float spools
  • 034 and 035 two or three section monoblock valves rated to 150 l/min;
  • 4009/4109 monoblock, general purpose valves in tandem (4009) or parallel (4109) circuit
  • DSV06 | DSV11 | DSV059 | SSV09 selector valves – simple diverter valves rated at 68, 320 and 200 litres/minute, respectively
  • MV059 monoblock – an open centre loader valve rated at 420 l/min;
  • V4A4013 monoblock, pilot operated float check block – pump flow up to 450 l/min and return flow up to 1000 l/min;
  • UV07 line mounted unloader valve rated at 135 l/min.

Hydreco POWAUTO valves

  • VA86 series diverter valves;
  • VA84 | VA87 | VA105 series and single VA210 (two) spool tipping valves;
  • Q45 | Q75 | Q95 versatile sectional lever control valves;
  • D3V series manual diverter valves.

Please contact us for further technical details and configuration options, or if you cannot see the Hydreco Hydraulics valves that you need – we’ll be delighted to help!