Delta Power

Delta Power Co. is proficient in the design and manufacture of cutting edge hydraulic products and systems.

Their products are extremely rugged and versatile making them well suited to agricultural and construction equipment, as well as medical devices. They perform outstandingly in “abusive” and demanding environments just as easily as they do in “squeaky clean” ones.

With manufacturing operations in Rockford USA and Modena Italy, the Delta Power hydraulics product range includes: solenoid operated directional control valves, mechanical operated directional control valves, pressure control valves, flow control valves, pressure relief / reducing valves, proportional control valves, logic elements and hand pumps.

In summary, the Delta Power hydraulics product range comprises:

  • Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves: Delta Power 2W2P. Normally closed bi-directional valves. 2W2P normally closed poppet and spool valves, as well as open poppet and spool valves. 3W2P spool valves. 4W2P spool valves and 4W3P spool valves;
  • Mechanical Operated Directional Control Valves: Delta Power 2W2P manual valves. 3W2P manual valves. 4W2P manual valves. Check valves with thermal relief. Direct acting check valves. Pilot to close and pilot to open check valves. Pilot to shift valves. Rotary valves and shuttle valves;
  • Pressure Control Valves: Delta Power crossover relief valves. Direct acting and differential relief valves. Pilot operated relief valves. Pressure compensated regulator valves and pressure reducing/relieving valves. Sequence valves, shut down valves and unloading valves;
  • Flow Control Valves: Delta Power flow divider / combiner valves, flow restrictors, adjustable (needle valves), pressure compensated flow regulator valves, priority flow regulator valves and velocity fuses;
  • Proportional Control Valves: Delta Power 2W proportional valves and 3W proportional valves;
  • Logic Elements Delta Power Special Application Valves: Delta Power counterbalance valves, hand pumps, high pressure “5000 PSI” solenoid valves, in-line valves, motorized valves, selector valves, transmission “low pressure” solenoid valves and unitized valves;
  • Hydraulics Electronic Products and Coils: Delta Power electronic joysticks and switches, micro processor based PWM drivers.

Please contact us if you cannot see the Delta Power hydraulics equipment that you need – we’ll still be able to help!