Denison Hydraulics

Parker Hannifin, formerly Denison Hydraulics, is a leading industrial manufacturer providing highly engineered hydraulic fluid power systems.

Often referred to as “Parker Denison”, Denison Hydraulics branded products include a full range of hydraulic vane pumps and hydraulic motors. Parker Denison are well-known for their large hydraulic piston pumps, offered under their Gold Cup and Premier Series brands.

Parker Denison hydraulic pumps have a multitude of applications, ranging from: construction mobile equipment, demolition, agricultural, mining and utilities industries. In addition the pumps can be used in industrial manufacturing and marine equipment.

Denison valves are used in a variety of commercial settings, including: injection moulding, metal and material forming, mobile crane equipment, and marine systems, such as ship-mounted winches. They are one of the few hydraulic manufacturers of flange mounted pressure control valves. The design enables the valve to attach directly to another hydraulic component. This is in contrast to more traditional valve designs, where the associated hydraulic components connect using hydraulic lines. The latter is more expensive and less effective at controlling leaks than flange mounting.

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