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    Dowty Hydraulics was a leading British manufacturer of aircraft equipment.

    The company manufactured hydraulic and actuation systems, advanced propeller systems, turbine engine components and tubular systems. Dowty Hydraulics also owned the Hamble aircraft structures business and was a market leader in the manufacturing of mining systems solutions.

    TI Group acquired the Dowty Group in 1992, and there were further changes in business ownership and structure when, in 1993, the TI Group sold off seven former companies.

    Some of the features offered by Dowty gear pumps include: high performance and durability; corrosion resistant; simple installation and hassle-free maintenance; low energy consumption; performance with SAE 20W oil at 50°C.

    Dowty hydraulic gear pumps and motors are no longer manufactured… but the good news is that we can easily supply a modern, equivalent to replace your existing unit. Alternatively, we may be able to re-build and repair your existing motor or pump.

    Please contact us if you cannot see the Dowty hydraulic pump that you need – we’ll still be able to help!