Eaton Hydraulic Accumulators

Eaton hydraulic accumulators are available in a wide range of sizes, materials, port configurations and pressure ratings. Their bladder, piston and diaphragm-type accumulators give engineers the ultimate in design flexibility.

The full range of Eaton hydraulic accumulators is displayed below. Complementary Eaton accessory products – including safety shut-off blocks, clamps, repair kits, and charging and gauging units – make for simple installation and maintenance.

Bottom Repairable Bladder Accumulators:

Eaton bladder accumulators consists of a fluid section and a gas section, with the bladder acting as a gas-proof screen. Used in equipment from agriculture and mining to construction and more, these bladder accumulators are compatible with a wide range of fluids, temperatures and permeation requirements. They install easily in multiple mounting positions to optimize performance and convenience.

  • Optional protective coatings help accumulator components resist corrosive fluids or hostile environments;
  • Buna-N bladder material excels in standard temperature ranges while four additional materials meet more extreme application requirements;
  • System mounting capabilities offer orientations for optimized energy storage, pulsation damping, constant pressure and volume compensation;
  • Includes a welded or forged pressure vessel, a bladder, and gas and fluid inlet ports, which are constructed for high performance under pressure.
Diaphragm Accumulators:

 For both industrial and mobile applications, Eaton diaphragm accumulators are ideal for energy storage, maintaining pressure, leakage compensation and vehicle hydraulics. They have a sturdy, electron beam welded construction and are available in corrosion-resistant materials. Eaton diaphragm accumulators utilise the compressibility of nitrogen to store hydraulic energy even when exposed to a variety of harsh fluids and hostile environments.

  • Buna-N bladder material excels in standard temperature range while four additional materials are available to meet more extreme application requirements;
  • Directly mounts to the system in any orientation to increase flexibility and reduce contamination when mounted vertically and downward.
Piston Accumulators:

Fluids are practically incompressible and cannot therefore store pressure energy. The compressibility of a gas (nitrogen) is used in hydro pneumatic accumulators for storing fluids.

Eaton designs piston accumulators that can use the compressibility of nitrogen to the fullest – drawing in fluid when the pressure increases and forcing it into the hydraulic circuit when the pressure drops. The internal surface gives the accumulator a fine finish and also features a lightweight metal piston. These accumulators are pre-charged with dry nitrogen gas and can be used when required for your application.

  • End caps on both the gas and fluid sides are sealed with O-rings to stop the accumulators leaking;
  • Accumulators are available with a variety of sealing systems to maximize the possible applications.

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