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Kawasaki is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic systems and components. Known for their quality and innovation, the company produces a range of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and complete systems for a broad spectrum of applications.

Kawasaki hydraulic systems and equipment can be found hard at work wherever there’s a need for lifting, pumping, moving, steering or controlling. You will find their advanced technologies within industrial, construction, agriculture and marine industries.

Almost 100 years of constant cutting edge research, from within their own R & D facilities, allows the company to design and manufacture high quality systems. Combining this world-class knowledge with global manufacturing means they can continue to push the boundaries of fuel efficiency and control, whilst limiting energy wastage. This helps maximise the output of the end user.

The current Kawaski hydraulic product range includes: axial piston pumps, axil piston motors, controls and valves, Staffa radial piston motors, and wider systems.

Kawasaki hydraulics

Kawasaki Hydraulic Motors, Pumps, Controls and Valves

Axial Piston Motors

The Kawasaki MX/MB series of axial piston motors is a leader for construction and industrial machinery. The M3X/M3B have extended the speed range at both ends of the scale, while the new M5X series offers a more compact version of the M2X series on which it is based. With or without reduction gears, Kawasaki axial piston motors are the perfect choice for swing or travel power in construction machines and industrial vehicles.

Staffa Radial Piston Motors

Staffa radial piston motors are found in the most demanding of marine and industrial applications. The latest addition to the Staffa range is the HMF 3-speed motor, available in four frame sizes, ranging from 1,475 cc/rev to 5,326 cc/rev. With 3 displacement modes, it is the only motor of its kind currently on the market.

Axial Piston Pumps

Kawasaki has been producing axial piston pumps for more than 50 years and leads the world in terms of pump efficiency and performance. The K3VLS series (designed for open circuit systems in industrial vehicles) and K8V series (for closed circuit applications and hydrostatic transmissions) are the latest products to join the Kawasaki axial piston pump range.

Controls and Valves

Kawasaki hydraulic valves and controllers provide superior performance and control for a wide variety of industrial vehicles. The latest additions to their control valve range are post-compensated load sensing valves. The KLSV series provides excellent control for a range of machines whilst the KLW series utilises the same design in a package incorporating additional features specifically for wheel loaders.

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