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Founded by the three Bianchi brothers in Italy in 1950, OMFB hydraulics today manufactures a complete range of equipment and components, primarily geared towards the road haulage industry.

OMFB is an Italian firm that has been manufacturing hydraulic equipment for over 70 years. Their products are suited to a number of industries, but they have a particularly large range of hydraulic truck components and accessories for commercial vehicles.

The OMFB hydraulics range includes: power take-off (PTO) units, PTO transmission adapters, auxiliary shafts, pump-PTO applications and slick-shift clutches. Moreover the range includes: splitter boxes, multi-boxes, ASAE supports, flange kit-drive shafts, gear pumps, constant displacement piston pumps and variable displacement piston pumps.

In addition they design a complete range of: bent axis piston motors (HPM series), hand pumps, DC / AC power units, mechanic and pneumatic controls, tipping valves and winches. As well as:  telescopic jacks, bi-directional hydraulic gear motors, hydraulic gear motors, flow control valves, control valves, heat exchangers and other accessories.


OMFB hydraulics product range highlights

Piston pumps:

  • ISO 4-bolt piston pumps: HDS series 12cc – 34cc; HDS series 4 bolt bent axis piston pumps from 40cc to 108cc; HDT series bent axis piston pumps from 75cc to 108cc and Dark series from 21cc to 60cc
  • UNI 3-bolt piston pumps: HDS series 12cc to 64cc and Dark series from 21cc to 60cc
  • Twin flow bent axis piston pumps
  • Piston pump accessories


Gear pumps: OMFB gear pumps include versions for medium, high and very high pressure (up to 320 bar). Configurations (DIN,UNI, ISO, SAE) and displacement sizes (from 6 to 150 cc). Tandem installations are also possible. Gear pumps are available in model series: NPLA, NPLU, NPLH, NPH, and NPGH series.

PPV variable displacement pumps: variable displacement axial piston pumps with load-sensing LS regulator.

Power Take Offs (PTOs): these mechanical devices are connected to the gear systems of industrial vehicles. They pick up the driving power and make it available to other mechanical devices, e.g. hydraulic gear pumps or piston pumps. OMFB have a wide range of PTOs with different coupling systems. These are suitable for most existing vehicles, including: mechanical, pneumatic, vacuum-controlled and clutch coupling.

Tipping and diverter valves: OMFB tip truck valves are available with mechanic, pneumatic or electric controls. They are suitable for applications from 3500 kg vans to quarry trucks and semi-trailers. OMFB tipping valves are available in model series: FM-40, FE-40, FP-40, FP-80 Modular, Modular 150, Modular 200-250, HT-250, Modular 200-250 Multipressure. As well as: Modul-Gate, diverter and special valves, end of stroke series and fixing accessories.

Hydraulic power packs: PK standard series power packs and and PK-RE single-acting 12v or 24v power packs.

Hand pumps:

  • PM Series (PM20 PM50 PM70) double-acting hand pumps with our without relief valves. Cast-iron, phosphate treated body and nickel steel stem.
  • PMS+VS Series single-acting hand pumps complete  with lowering valve in 3 sizes – FULCRO 12, FULCRO 25, FULCRO45
  • PMI+VS Series double-acting pump with lowering valve, again in 3 sizes FULCRO12, FULCRO25 and FULCRO45
  • Hand pump tanks manufactured from plastic, aluminium or steel.


The OMFB range also includes: quill shaft kits, hydraulic oil tanks, independent engagement systems, pneumatic and cable controls, tractor unit hydraulic kits, tipper kits and air-packs.

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