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Smiths Industries hydraulics traces its roots back to 1851 with the sale of precision watches. By the first half of the 20th century, Smiths dominated the supply of instruments to British motorcar and motorcycle firms.

Today the Smiths Group plc is a British multinational engineering business. The headquarters resides in London and the company operates in over 50 countries worldwide.

After dominating the British motorcar and motorcycle instrument market, separate Smiths Aviation and Smiths Marine divisions started operating in 1958 and in 1960. In addition, an Industrial division formed, whose main operations were in industrial instrumentation.

With increasing diversification and international operations the name Smiths Industries Ltd was adopted in 1967. By this time, the company’s product range now spanned: automotive, aerospace, marine, building and medical appliances, to name but a few.

The company’s name was changed to Smiths Group plc in November 2000, following the completion of a merger with the TI Group the following month.

Smiths Mk3D Power Packs

One of Smiths Industries most popular power packs was the Mk3D. It had been designed specifically for tipping applications and was used for commercial vehicle lifting and tilting mechanisms.

During 2002, Smiths withdrew from the hydraulics market, leaving customers with no ongoing access to their products. After that, a number of other manufacturers, including Pro-E-Con and the former Fludlink Hydraulics, stepped in to fill the space and demand left behind to effectively become Smiths Industries hydraulic power pack manufacturers in their own right.

As a result, Smiths power packs are still employed in numerous applications today, thanks to the production of modern-day replacements. Common applications include: specialist vehicles, tippers and trailers, mobility lifts, waste recycling machinery to name but a few.

The Hydraulics Online team have worked with the Smiths Industries power pack range since our own inception in 2004. We have a strong track record in designing and supplying units to customers all over the world – take a look at our gallery here.

Today, our range includes a standard range of AC and DC hydraulic power packs to suit any application. These power packs incorporate flexible circuitry using modular and custom designed components. This means that each assembly to be customised to meet specific system requirements.

Smiths Industries Style Power Packs

Si90 Smiths Industries Fluidlink Hydraulics Style AC DC Autopack Power Packs

Smiths Industries Style AC DC Autopack Power Packs

The HOL90 is available as a uni-directional / reversible micro pack. It acts as a direct equivalent to the former…

industrial power packs

Smiths Industries Style Industrial Power Packs – HOL20

Made in the UK, the HOL20 series modular industrial power packs provide a direct equivalent to the former Smiths Industries…

mini power packs

Smiths Industries Style Mini Power Packs – HOL10

The HOL10 series mini power packs act as a direct equivalent to the former Smiths Industries and Fluidlink Hydraulics G…

Smiths Industries Fluidlink Hydraulics Style Mini Power Packs HOL05 Autopack Power Packs

Smiths Industries Style Unidirectional Mini Power Packs – HOL05

The HOL05 autopack uni-directional power pack is often called a “uni-pack”. It is much smaller than a mini power pack…


Hydraulic Power Pack Case Study: Concorde

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