Smiths Industries Style Unidirectional Mini Power Packs – HOL05


The HOL05 autopack uni-directional power pack is often called a “uni-pack”. It is much smaller than a mini power pack and ideal for applications using a small single-acting hydraulic circuit.

These UK- manufactured units act as a direct replacement for former Smiths Industries and Fluidlink Hydraulics AC/ DC Autopack uni-directional power packs.

Key technical features of these unidirectional power packs include:

  • Voltage: 12vDC | 24vDC | 230vAC | 400vAC
  • Power: 500W to 0.55kW
  • Pump sizes: 0.2cc/rev – 2.00cc/rev
  • Tank sizes: 0.5litres to 4.0 litres
  • Pressures up to 230 bar
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 120mm centre manifold

Customised versions of the these unidirectional mini power packs are available for original equipment manufacturers.

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options or to discuss custom design hydraulic power packs.

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