Argo Hytos Filtration and Tank Accessories


The Argo Hytos filtration and tank accessories range includes:

  • Clogging Indicators
    • Types AV and TV available.
  • Oil level gauges and dipsticks
    • C5.3511, C5.3516 and C5.3529 type gauges
    • C4.0410, C4.0412, C4.0421, C4.0431, C4.0450 and C4.0464 dipsticks
  • Filter elements
    • Standard filter element – EXAPOR MAX3
    • Water absorbing filter element – EXAPOR AQUA
    • Electrostatic protection – EXAPOR Spark Protect

Contact us for help with configurations, or more information concerning Argo Hytos filtration and tank accessories.

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