Argo Hytos Suction Filters


Argo Hytos suction filters are used in the suction line of pumps of hydraulic or lubricating circuits. They suit to a wide variety of applications.

The filters are designed to protect against malfunction. Full-flow filtration in the suction line protects pumps from all (but particularly) coarse dirt particles. These particles remain in the system after manufacture or repair, or enter the system when it is filled with oil. Some models are also manufactured to prevent against system wear too; filter elements mean that even in full-flow, filtration meets the highest demands regarding cleanliness classes.

The full series line up is as follows:

  • In tank mounting filters: S0.0426 | S0.0638 | AS010 | AS025 | AS040 | AS060 | AS080 | AS100 | AS150 series
  • High performance in-line mounting filters: LS025 | LS035 | LS040 | LS075 and the light-line series: SFL025 | SFL035 | SFOL040 | SFL075 models
  • Tank top mounting filters comprising ES075 and ES094 series high performance model

Across many Argo Hytos models, the star-shaped pleating of the filter material results in:

  • Large filter surfaces
  • Low pressure drop
  • High dirt-holding capacities
  • Long service life

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