Argo Hytos TM1 Electrical Pressure Switches


The Argo Hytos TM1 electrical pressure switch is a reliable and proven design in industrial and mobile hydraulic applications. The TM1 has a rugged construction with a shock-proof design, providing long-term stability. The simple design exhibits two switching points, and uses two setting rings – allowing for easy reading.

This temperature switch has a measuring thermistor Pt 1000 and two adjustable temperature switching points. Two adjusting rings are provided with scale and their position is protected with a mechanical lock. The stainless-steel body is provided with connecting thread G 1/2 with FKM sealing ring. The necessary installation length for the measuring stem is 250 mm. An electric connection is realised by four-pin connector M12 x 1. The temperature switch is suitable for industrial usage thanks to its robust design, vibration and shock resistance.

Summary technical specifications include:

  • Temperature switch with two adjustable switch points
  • Simple switching point setting by means of two setting rings allowing optimum reading
  • Mechanical locking prevents inadvertent switching point manipulation
  • Particularly good response dynamics and very short power-on delay time
  • Installation length 250 mm
  • High vibration and shock resistance
  • Certification acc. to EU direction
  • Outputs: two switching contacts (pin 2 and pin 4)

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