Atlantic Fluid Tech Motion Control Valves


Atlantic Fluid Tech motion control valves have rated flows from 40 to 200 litres/minute, maximum pressures of 350 bar and are for in-line installation. Port size varies between models.

All Atlantic Fluid Tech valves are fully accredited to ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2015, ISO 45001-2020; these certifications testify to the company’s commitment to build a business model combining technological innovation with respect of its human resources. Equally, all equipment is available on short delivery times at competitive prices. Suitable for a broad range of mobile and industrial applications, typical sectors include agriculture and service machines, earth moving machines, drilling and lifting equipment, industrial vehicles and, industrial automation.

The full Atlantic Fluid Tech range comprises:

  • Stabilised: MNDN-040-LLST | MNDN-120-LLST | MNDN-200-LLST
  • Stabilised with brake release: MNDN-040-LLSV | MNDN-120-LLSV | MNDN-200-LLSV S
  • Stabilised and brake, dual setting: MNDN-040-LLPT | MNDN-120-LLPT | MNDN-200-LLPT
  • Stabilised and brake, dual setting, with brake release: MNDN-040-LLPV | MNDN-120-LLPV | MNDN-200-LLPV
  • Other configurations

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Contact us for further technical details and configuration options across the range of Atlantic Fluid Tech motion control valves – our technical team will be delighted to help!

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