B & C Hydraulics BG10 Group 1 Gear Pumps


B & C Hydraulics BG10 Group 1 gear pumps have a double compensated pressure design and are equipped with DU bushing. Displacements range from 0.95 cc/rev up to 9.85 cc/rev, with working pressure of up to 290 bar and speed range up to 5000 rpm.

The full B C hydraulics BG10 comprises:  BG10-09 | BG10-13 | BG10-16 | BG10-21 | BG10-25 | BG10-31 | BG10-38 | BG10-43 | BG10-50 | BG10-62 | BG10-78 | BG10-99

A wide choice of shafts, flanges and ports are available, all complying with international standards (European, Bosch, SAE). An easy tandem kit, means multiple configurations are possible. The design also provides versatile, reliable, high long-term mechanical and volumetric efficiency, and easy maintenance.

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Download the B & C Hydraulics BG10 Group 1 Series Technical Catalogue >>

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