Bondioli & Pavesi HMPF Axial Piston Pumps


Bondioli & Pavesi HMPF pumps are fixed displacement axial piston pumps for open circuit applications. They are designed for operation in systems with heavy duty work cycles. Suitable for a broad range of applications, typical sectors include power transmission, heat exchange, agriculture and service machines, construction and industrial use.

With high operating pressures, they have low noise level, high speeds, high starting torque, and high volumetric and mechanical efficiencies.

HMPF pumps are available with displacements ranging from 10 cc/rev to 125 cc/rev with pressures up to 450 bar.

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HMPF 10 12 16 HMPF 23 28 32 HMPF 45HMPF 56 63HMPF 80 90HMPF 107 125

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