Bosch Rexroth 10TE Tank Mounted Return Line Filter


Bosch Rexroth 10TE tank mounted return line filters are designed for installation on fluid tanks to separate solid materials from fluids. They are also used as filling or bypass Filter. Filter sizes according to DIN 24550: 10TEN0040 – 1000, and according to Bosch Rexroth standard comprise: 10TE2000 and 10TE2500.

The filter has a 3 micron filter rating, a maximum filter area of 4.8 m, an operating temperature between 10C to +100C and a connection up to SAE 4″ – 3000 psi.

Other features of Bosch Rexroth 10TE tank mounted return line filters include:

  • Special highly efficient filter media
  • Filtration of very fine particles and high dirt holding capacity across a broad pressure differential range
  • High collapse resistance filter elements
  • Optionally equipped with mechanical optical maintenance indicator with memory function
  • Optional equipment with various electrical switching elements, modular design
  • Optional measuring port

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