Casappa Magnum HD Series Gear Pumps and Motors


Casappa Magnum HD series gear pumps and motors are made of cast iron in three pieces.

With an extremely versatile and reliable design, the Casappa HD series performs even in the most extreme of operating conditions.

Displacements range from 1.05 in³/rev (17.28 cm³/rev) to 7.66 in³/rev (125.63 cm³/rev) with the series available in groups 30 and 35.

  • Maximum peak pressure up to 4640 psi (320 bar)
  • Maximum speed up to 3000 min-1 
  • Wide range of drive shafts and flanges in SAE version
  • More choices of port locations
  • Integrated outboard bearings for heavy duty applications
  • Multiple units available in standard version, common inlet and separated stages
  • Exceptional working life expectancy

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

Model SeriesDisplacement cm³/revMaximum Speed  min -1Maximum Continuous Pressure (bar)
HD. 30.1717.283000280
HD. 30.2221.993000280
HD. 30.2424.033000280
HD. 30.2726.73000280
HD. 30.3434.563000270
HD. 30.3839.273000270
HD. 30.4343.983000260
HD. 30.5151.832500230
HD. 30.5656.552500215
HD. 30.6161.262000200
HD. 30.7373.821700190
HD. 30.8281.681500170
Model SeriesDisplacement cm³/revMaximum Speed  min -1Maximum Continuous Pressure (bar)
HD. 35.4040.462703000
HD. 35.5051.12703000
HD. 35.6363.882703000
HD. 35.7172.42503000
HD. 35.8080.912503000
HD. 35.9091.562302700
HD. 35.100100.082102700
HD. 35.112112.851902700
HD. 35.125125.631702500
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