Continental Hydraulics HPVR Axial Piston Pump


Continental Hydraulics HPVR inline axial piston pumps have medium-high working pressure capabilities making them suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The series is available in 5 nominal displacements and 3 compact frame sizes: HPVR-6 (14.4 cc/rev) | HPVR-10 (20.6 cc/rev) | HPVR-15 (34.3 cc/rev) | HPVR-20 (42.9 cc/rev) | HPVR-29 (61.9 cc/rev)

Across the range, these pumps are pressure compensated from 13.8 to 276 bar (200 to 4000 psi) for continuous duty, and up to 310 bar (4500 psi) intermittently.

Continental HPVR series pumps are available in both SAE and ISO mounting 2 bolt patterns. Porting is available in rear and side locations as well as thru-drive configurations.

The output flow and pressure is controlled by a variety of control options, and can easily work in conjunction with external control components making them the perfect choice for almost any application.

Key features across the Continental HPVR series are:

  • Continuous duty medium pressures capable, up to 275 bar (4000 psi)
  • Improved trunnion bearing design allows for long life and low hysteresis
  • Tandem mounting capable
  • Pressure compensated, load sense, remote pressure
  • Expanded porting options; rear and side ports with SAE threads, metric threads, split flange ports
  • Interchangeable with other manufacturers pumps
  • Maximum volume adjustment – standard

Download the Continental Hydraulics HPVR technical catalogues here: HPVR-6 | HPVR-10 | HPVR-15 | HPVR-20 | HPVR-29 >>>

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