Continental Hydraulics LPV Axial Piston Pumps


Continental Hydraulics LPV pumps are variable displacement, pressure compensated axial piston pumps.

They provide reliable, fast and quiet control and automatically adjust the output flow rate to maintain the set pressure.The maximum output flow can be limited via a maximum volume adjustment screw. All of the control compensator options are interchangeable on all pump sizes.

The series is available in five nominal displacements: LPV-4 (8 cc/rev) | LPV-8 (16.5 cc/rev) | LPV-11 (22 cc/rev) | LPV-17 (36 cc/rev) |  LPV-22 (46 cc/rev)

Across the range, operating pressure is 210 bar (3500 psi), flow at 1800 rpm ranges from 14.4 litres/minute to 82.8 litres/minute. Operating speeds are from 500 rpm minimum to 2000 rpm, maximum.

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