Dana Brevini S5AV Axial Piston Pump


Dana Brevini S5AV pumps are variable displacement axial piston pumps. They are suitable for open circuits in mobile and industrial applications.

These compact and quiet pumps have a swash plate design and a strong rotating group that allows work at high continuous and peak pressure. They also have a patented piston sliders design that ensures minimal leaks and high volumetric efficiency. Controls provide high accuracy and repeatability.

S5AV pumps are available in 6 displacements from 32 cc/rev to 93.76 cc/rev: S5AV 032 | S5AV 045 | S5AV 050 | S5AV 063 | S5AV 075 | S5AV 093

Continuous pressure is 280 to 350 bar (4060 – 5080 psi) and peak pressure ranges from 350 bar to 420 bar (5080- 6090 psi). Speeds range from 300 rpm to 1800 rpm.

Dana Brevini Motion Systems is the division of Dana Off-Highway Motion and Drive Technologies and is the result of the acquisition by Dana of the Breveni Fluid Power business.

Dana Brevini is committed to customer satisfaction and excellence of their products and services. This means the company offers superior product quality, technologically advanced products, world-class service and competitive prices.

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