Dana Brevini S6CV Axial Piston Pump


Dana Brevini S6CV pumps are variable displacement, axial piston pumps. They have a swash plate design, and are for closed circuit hydrostatic transmissions and high pressure applications.

The pump can be supplied as single or tandem version and has an optional through drive shaft for the assembly of auxiliary gear pumps.

S6CV pumps are available in 2 displacements, 75 and 128 cc/rev: S6CV 075 | S6CV 128

Nominal pressure is 400 bar (5800 psi) and peak pressure is 450 bar (6530 psi).

Flow delivery is proportional to the rotation speed and the swash plate angle, increasing when the swash plate’s angle of inclination increases from 0 to maximum position. When inverting the swash plate’s angle, the flow direction is inverted.

These pumps have a range of controls:

  • HLR manual lever with feed-back;
  • HIR hydraulic proportional with feed-back;
  • HIN hydraulic proportional without feed-back;
  • HER electric proportional with feed-back;
  • HEN electric proportional without feed-back;
  • HE2 Electric on-off;
  • HEH Electric proportional with hydraulic emergency override;
  • Automotive.

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