Danfoss H1 Axial Piston Pumps


Danfoss H1 series closed circuit axial piston pumps are flexible enough to fit all kinds of applications in harsh work conditions – with a range of displacements from 45-250 cm³, a modular design and maximum pressure of 480 bar.

Designed for high and medium power needs, the Danfoss H1 series piston pumps and motors offer higher output speeds, lower input speeds and a reduced total installed lifecycle cost. The pumps feature common design technologies and assembly techniques. Overall, they offer simpler, high performance designs with fewer parts than previous hydrostatic products.

H1 pumps reduce rotating group, control and charge pump losses, which saves fuel consumption, frees power for other vehicle functions and enhances operating performance and productivity. Better efficiency means that you can use smaller engines on some machines, while you also reduce machine heat load and increase power to the ground.

An integral electro-hydraulic servo system controls the rate and direction of hydraulic flow – guaranteeing lowest servo pressure and excellent high-power density. The integrated gerotor charge pump design, including pressure-balanced port plates, minimises volumetric losses.

Lightweight and compact in design and with one true clean side, H1 pumps have no operating ports to connect – enabling flexible placement of components and a variety of control options.

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