Danfoss Hydraulic Pumps

Danfoss hydraulic pumps provide compact power density and high performance, whilst also delivering low emissions in line with modern environmental protections.

A wide range of displacements, configurations and controls are available to suit open or closed-circuit systems.

Danfoss closed circuit axial piston pumps:

These pumps are suitable for challenging demands in off-highway mobile applications, featuring high performance, impressive power-density and a functional design. Resultantly, tthe Danfoss axial piston pumps can be configured to suit numerous diverse applications. 

The range:

  • Danfoss H1 pumps feature proven design technologies and assembly techniques. Overall, they offer a simple high performance design with fewer parts than most hydrostatic products. Their small packaging allows engineers more flexibility and freedom when designing systems.  
  • The MP1 pump range offers the performance needed for small- to medium-sized equipment across any industry and application due to a versatile and comprehensive design.
  • The DDC20 uses well-established technology to enable reliable operation in light duty applications. The design includes optional features which provides for a large degree of application flexibility.

Danfoss open circuit axial piston pumps:

Designed for the toughest demands of open circuit systems, Danfoss axial piston pumps offer a choice of displacements to meet your own system needs.

  • Series 45 open circuit axial piston pumps are available in a wide range of displacements – from 25cc to 147cc – with continuous pressures of up to 310 bar. It is available with full line of displacements, controls, pressures and configurations, engineered to fit multiple application needs. The K2 option offers the best combination of package size and weight on the market. 
  • The D1 is a high-pressure, high-performance pump as part of Danfoss’ new generation of servo-controlled high power open circuit pump. They are designed for quality and reliability with high efficiency and easy installation.

Danfoss aluminium gear pumps:

These gear pumps suit a wide range of mobile and industrial applications, due to their robust and reliable offering. The design combines pressure-balancing design with an extended operating life Additionally, the availability of modular and short versions of multi-stage units for high flexibility and compactness.

The range comprises: 

  • Group 0, Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 and Group 4 pumps
  •  Group 2 Shark® aluminium low noise gear pumps, representing a 10 decibel operating noise decrease over conventional units. 

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