Danfoss JS1000 Joystick



Together with its family of associated grips, the Danfoss JS1000 joystick base is a high-reliability operator input device for controlling mobile machine work functions.

The joystick is available in single axis spring-centered and dual axis spring-centered configurations. Both versions are available with the standard ergonomic PRO grip, ball grip, grip with integral Hall effect sensor rocker switch, and grip with integrated hall-effect banana switch.

The Danfoss JS1000 is ideally suited for low clearance and armrest mounting and it withstands the most punishing mobile machine applications.

General characterstics are as follows:

  • Non-contacting Hall Effect sensing
  • Available redundant sensing per axis for CAN output configurations
  • Single or dual axis, X-Y axis guided
  • Spring return-to-centre, two centring spring options
  • Operating life exceeding 10 million cycles per axis
  • Three electrical output options
  • IP-67 environmental rating above panel, grip dependent
  • IP-67 below panel with vent plug installed
  • EMI/RFI protected to 100 V/m
  • Stable null, factory calibrated output range, low power consumption and multiple grip options.

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

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