Danfoss RDM Reverse Displacement Motor


Danfoss RDM motors – Reverse Displacement Motors – are a breakthrough in technological innovation and engineering using existing technology of Danfoss L and K motors.

At the heart of the new technology is an integrated shift valve. It allows reversing functionality without external valves and external pressure supply. When used in a fan drive application, it triggers a series of cost-saving and efficiency-boosting advances.

The RDM motor is designed for use in mobile open circuit applications and provides system robustness with available anti-cavitation and shock valves. These two-position reversing motors have been optimised with regard to options, life, package size and installed cost and provide smooth, shift-on-the-go capability.

Danfoss RDM motors are available in 5 displacements, from 25 cc/rev to 45cc/rev:  LM25 | LM30 | LM35 | KM38 | KM45 with maximum system pressure of 350 bar.

Other benefits include:

  • Short and compact design;
  • High efficiency – nine piston rotating groups with an 18 degree maximum angle;
  • Uses system pressure for shifting – no external pressure supply needed;
  • Integrated shifting valve enables reversing – no external valves needed and less hoses;
  • 12v DC and 24v DC valves.

This motor also has the capability to be held at or near neutral for potential added system power savings or faster heating of the engine at start-up.

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Download the Danfoss RDM Motor Technical Catalogue >>> 

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