Danfoss Hydraulic Motors

The Danfoss hydraulic motor range includes both hydrostatic motors and orbital motors. The range is designed for intelligent integration into vehicle applications, prioritising operating comfort and fuel efficiency

Hydrostatic motors are available as closed circuit axial piston motors or open circuit reverse displacement motors. Danfoss’ orbital motor range is the broadest on the market. The full range of Danfoss hydraulic motors includes the following below.

Variable displacement axial piston motors:

Danfoss’ range of axial piston motors spans from simple to sophisticated, covering every requirement that customers need. The H1 bent axis motors feature proven 32-degree bent axis technology, with zero degree capability and optimised efficiency, offering a number of significant advantages over traditional units. H1 series closed circuit axial piston motors: H1 060 | H1 80 | H1 160 | H1 210 | H1 25.

Reverse displacement axial piston motors:

The Danfoss Reverse Displacement Motor – RDM –  utilises a breakthrough in technological innovation with an integrated shift valve. When used in fan drive applications it unlocks a series of cost-saving and efficiency-boosting advances. The efficient design uses less power and less space, meaning more energy can be focussed on output and its fitment is more versatile.

Fixed displacement axial piston motors:

Danfoss’ fixed displacement axial piston motor, the MP1, is designed for use in mobile equipment using long-proven technology. The MP1 prioritises durability, package size, configurability and low installation cost.

MP1 motors are available in four displacements and two sizes, with the smaller offering 20-24cc/rev and the larger 28-32cc/rev. Each is capable of operating in closed-loop and open-loop systems. Additionally, different mounting configurations are can be specified such as a SAE A, B, and cartridge style two-bolt flange. The range comprises the MP1 20/24 and the MP1 28/32. 

Low-speed, high-torque orbital motors:

The orbital motors are suitable for closed and open loop hydraulic circuits for work and propelling systems. Our orbital motors are ideal for agricultural, road building, construction, forestry, public utility and lawn and garden equipment. 

The Danfoss Char-Lynn® motor range is ideal for high performing, heavy-duty applications. Light-to-medium duties or seasonal applications are covered by the Danfoss Xcel series. Danfoss also supplies specialised vehicle braking equipment. 

The full orbital motor range follows: 2K | Delta | 4K | 4KC | 6K | 10K | OMT/OMV series | J series | H series | S series | T series | TMT/TMV/TMK series | XL4 and XL6

Please contact us if you cannot see the Danfoss hydraulic motor that you need listed below – we’ll still be able to help!