Danfoss Hydraulic Motors

The portfolio of Danfoss hydraulic motors includes their hydrostatic motor family of closed circuit axial piston motors and open circuit reverse displacement motors together with the Danfoss orbital motor range – the broadest on the market.

The range comprises:

Danfoss Hydrostatic motors: H1 series closed circuit axial piston motors: H1 060 | H1 80 | H1 160 | H1 210 | H1 250 and RDM series open circuit reverse displacement motors.

Danfoss gear motors – aluminium and cast iron – including fan drives, in frame sizes: Group 1, 2 and 3.

O Series: OMH | OML | OMEW | OMM | OMP X | OMR X | OMS | OMT | OMV  The O-series is flexible beyond compare. Delivering premium power across the board, these motors cover small to large, medium to heavy-duty needs with pressure capability up to 275 bar (3,990 psi). Robust, reliable and designed to fulfill the latest emissions standards.

R Series  The R-series is an outstanding performer in a wide range of mobile hydraulic applications. Highly efficient and dependable, these rugged motors are especially suited for low flow, high pressure situations. With several bearing options these motors are a perfect fit for use in every mobile hydraulic market.

T Series: TMK | TMT | TMTHW | TMVW  With pressure capability up to 350 bar [5,080 psi] and high starting torque, the T-series is the energy-efficient choice for the toughest working environments. Leading performance with a long lifetime makes light work of the heaviest duties. Up against high pressures, thin oil or frequent reversals, our motors are guaranteed to perform smoothly and efficiently – even at low speed.

W Series: WD | WP | WR | WG | WS  The W-series is a competitive fit at a competitive price in low to medium-duty cycle applications. High reliability and pressure ratings from 160-207 bar* make these motors a perfect match in a wide range of  applications in multiple hydraulic markets.

Orbital X: the new generation of Danfoss OMP and OMR motors  With its unseen modular platform, and form and fit with your existing applications, it redefines motor conversion, improves your performance and reduces your total cost of ownership.

Brake and motor combinations are also available; stand-alone spring-applied hydraulic release brakes provide safe stopping capabilities to may critical machine functions.

Danfoss hydraulic motors and orbital motors can also be fitted with a speed sensor that detects the shaft speed and the direction of rotation. The sensor is mounted to the end cover of a Danfoss motor and senses the speed from a magnet that is rotating inside the motor.

Please contact us if you cannot see the Danfoss hydraulic motor that you need listed below – we’ll still be able to help!