Danfoss WP Series Motors


The Danfoss WP motor series is an economical alternative to more complex roller gerotor designs and still provides high efficiency across a wide performance range.

These motors are intended for light-duty applications requiring high torque in a compact package and are suitable for industrial and mobile applications including: car wash brushes, food processing equipment, conveyors, machine tools, agricultural equipment, sweepers, skid steer attachments, and more.

Features and benefits of Danfoss WP series include:

  • built-in check valves offer versatility and increased seal life;
  • a variety of mounts and shafts provide flexibility in application design;
  • spool valve design gives superior performance and smooth operation over a wide speed and torque range
  • standard high pressure shaft seals offer superior seal life and performance.

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Download the Danfoss WP Series Technical Catalogue >>>

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