Donaldson FLK110 In-Line Cartridge Filters


Donaldson FLK110 filters are in-line cartridge filters with a robust reusable housing and a disposable cartridge design. A versatile filter head accommodates multiple housing lengths.

The use of Donaldson’s Synteq media technology delivers high performance through lower pressure drop, superior cold-start filtration and extended filter life.

FLK110 filters are suitable for: hydrostatic charge pumps, hydrostatic transmission and pilot control circuits.

Maximum working pressures go to 30 bar (435 psi) and rated static burst to 90 bar (1300 psi). Their flow range is to 159 litres/minute and operating temperature range is -40°C to 121°C (-40°F to 250°F).

Standard bypass ratings are either 3.5 bar (50 psi) or no bypass.

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