Donaldson Medium Pressure Filters

Donaldson medium pressure filters can be used in applications up to 69 bar / 1000 psi and are available in both spin-on and in-line cartridge style filters

Proven, reliable, long-lived and easy to install, Donaldson  DURAMAX® filters are well-known as the highest rated medium pressure spin-on style hydraulic filters available. Most often they are used in return-line positions. As spin-ons, they are particularly well-suited for duplex circuits. The range includes:

  • Spin-on filters up to 69 bar (1000 psi) and maximum flow of 379 litres/minute: HMK03 | HMK04 | HNK04 | HMK05 | HNK05 | HMK24 | HMK25
  • In-line cartridge filters up to 41.4 bar (600 psi) and maximum flow of 1136 litres/minute: FLK90 | FLK110 | FLK125 | DPK350 | W061 | HDK06 | W041 | HFK08

Please contact us for further technical details and configuration options or if you cannot see the Donaldson medium pressure filters you need listed – we’ll be delighted to help!