Donaldson TT15/30/60 Spin-On Filters


Donaldson TT15, TT30 and TT60 filters are low pressure, tank top return, spin-on filters. They are designed for industrial service and applications such as: in-plant systems, mobile equipment and return lines.

They have an aluminium casting and nitrile seals as standard. Used with mineral and synthetic based fluids, these return filters mount to tank tops with four screws. Common holes are used to mount the filter head to the reservoir without welding. A down pipe is attached to a threaded port and the gasket surface provides a watertight seal. Each filter provides a new bypass valve and anti-drain-back valve for easy filter change.

Maximum working pressures go to 6.9 bar (100 psi) and rated static burst to 17.2 bar (250 psi). Their flow range is to 189 litres/minute and operating temperature range is -30°C to 107°C (-22°F to 225°F). Standard bypass rating is 25 psi (1.72 bar).

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