Donaldson W620 In-Line Cartridge Filters


Donaldson W620 filters are in-line cartridge filters containing a HF3 filter. They are suitable for high pressure circuits, in-plant systems and mobile equipment.

W620 filters have a cast iron head and steel housing. A reverse flow bypass option is available for hydrostatic transmissions.

Thermal lockout and surge control are two key features incorporated within many of the differential pressure indicators.

Maximum working pressures go to 413.8 bar (6000 psi) and rated static burst to 1034 bar (15000 psi). Their flow range is to 568 litres/minute and operating temperature range is -29°C to 121°C (-20°F to 250°F).

Standard bypass ratings are either 6.2 bar (90 psi) or 3.5 bar (50 psi).

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