Euro Press Pack CMF#NJ Cylinder – Spring Return


The Euro Press Pack CMF#NJ is a spring return cylinder designed for use in verifying and testing studs in barriers and guard rails. It is necessary to verify the strength of the studs through traction tests during the installation and the usage in order to verify the integrity of the material and its adherence to the concrete. To this purpose the Euro Press Pack CMF#NJ system is specialised to fulfill simple and efficient tensile strength tests.

The system comes provided with a quick female coupler combined with a hydraulic pump and an instrument to measure the force applied on the stud while testing. If calibrated as a measurement instrument it can be used also for calibration certificated tests. Depending on the application, the set can be equipped with ancillaries for  traction of M16, M20 and M24 studs. The cylinder is activated by a PNP130[G] or PN131[G] hand pump and a flexible hose SN20M with a male coupler. The hole on the hollow ram cylinder allows the appropriate tie-rod to  screw it on the stud. Extending the piston of the cylinder, a tensile force, proportional to the pressure generated by the pump, is exerted on the stud. Pressure gauge accurately measures the pressure exerted upon the studs for accurate control and results when testing.

Technical specifications of the Euro Press Pack CMF#NJ:

  • Force: 212 or 230 kN
  • Stroke: 8 or 50 mm
  • Maximum working pressure: 700 bar

Testing Kit Options:

The CMF22N8G is suitable for all the sets and it’s adjustable to certify the extent of the applied force. All the sets can be supplied as single sets or as a set which including options:

– 1 pcs. Load cell CMF22N8G ;
– 1 pcs. Base 320220820 ;
– 1 pcs. Extended base 320200821 for barriers type New Jersey in steel ;
– 3 pcs. Screws 3001108025 ;
– 1 pcs. Knub 320220700 ;
– 1 pcs. Puller M16 320220716 ;
– 1 pcs. Puller M20 320220720 ;
– 1 pcs. Puller M20 long 320220721 for extended base ;
– 1 pcs. Puller M24 320220724.

The CMF20N50 cylinder is suitable for every set. All the sets can be supplied as single sets or as a set which including all options:

– 1 pz. Cylinder CMF20N50;
– 1 pz. 320200820 hollow spacer for open M16 ed M20 New Jersey barriers *;
– 1 pz. 320200821 extended spacer for enclosed M20 New Jersey barriers**;
– 1 pz. 320200824 extended spacer for Guard-Rails M20**, M24, M27 ed M30***;
– 2 pz. Screw 3001108025;
– 1 pz. Screw 3001108180;
– 1 pz. Rod M16 320200716*;
– 1 pz. Rod M20 320200720*;
– 1 pz. M20 320200721 extension for estended base**;
– 1 pz. Adaptor M20 320200720E**;
– 1 pz. Adaptor M24 320200724***;
– 1 pz. Adaptor M27 320200727***;
– 1 pz. Adaptor M30 3202007230***;

*  Allows the total extraction of the M16 with the nut, tests with M20 on 10 mm with nut or total extraction without the nut. Maximum applicable force 110 kN.
**Maximum applicable force with M20 110kN rod     *** Maximum applicable force with M24, M27 ed M30 80kN rod

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

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