Euro Press Pack COD Cylinder – Oil Return


The Euro Press Pack COD is an industrial, double-acting oil return cylinder. COD cylinders have a threaded body, rod and base making them extremely versatile. A complete range of accessories for with various applications are available. A guide and end of stroke nut are fitted with a wiper to prevent the penetration of dirt in order to improve the working life of the cylinder.

Summary technical specifications of the Euro Press Pack COD series include:

  • Force: 5-25 tons
  • Stroke: 30-260 mm
  • Maximum working pressure: 700 bar


These cylinders are utilised in industrial applications, especially where a large number of cycles are required. The COD cylinders are used in blocking operations, in laboratories and for tests which need both pushing and pulling forces. The nitride anti-corrosive treatment makes them suitable for works in harsh environments and in the open air.

Operational equipment:

  • ZAE Clevis eyes to be mounted on the rod or base
  • ZAF Flange to be mounted on the machined ends of the body
  • ZAP Plate to be mounted on the machined ends of the bod as alternative to the flange
  • ZAA Nutto block either the flange or the plate.

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