Euro Press Pack COL#D Cylinder – Oil Return


The Euro Press Pack COL#D is an aluminium double stroke telescopic cylinder. An integrated pilot check valve operates to control the lowering a load and is a failsafe in case a hose bursts.

Summary technical specifications of the Euro Press Pack COL#D include:

  • Force: 50-300 tons
  • Stroke: 50-300 mm
  • Maximum working pressure: 700 bar


This type of cylinder can be operated in various applications, however the most common usage is in the railway sector, being used as a component within a re-railing system. The light weight alloy construction makes this cylinder much easier to transport. The also have a widened base also gives them a greater stability.

The re-railing system combines the COL#D with supporting beams, roller carriages, adjustable connecting bars and traversal cylinders.

All Euro Press Pack cylinders are fully accredited to ISO 9001-1996 and, more recently, ISO 14001-2008; these certifications testify to the company’s commitment to quality, safety, and reliability. They also assure quick delivery times.

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