Euro Press Pack PP Series Hand Pumps


Euro Press Pack PP series hand pumps are single-stage, tankless, lightweight (less than 5kg for the standard version) and are easy to handle.

All models are equipped with 490 mm removable activation handles, which are used to turn the bypass valve on through the front connection. Fixing holes can be found on the base, whilst 3/8”-18 NPT side ports allow for oil inlet and outlet.

Standard pump components, both internal and external, undergo the Euro Press exclusive thermo-chemical treatment, making steel exceptionally hard and resistant to corrosion and mechanical wear.

Key technical specifications of Euro Press Pack PP series pumps include:

  • Reservoir capacity: 2.1 – 4.5 litres
  • Oil delivery for stroke in HP: 1 – 2.3 cm3
  • Max pressure: 700 bar

These types of pumps are particularly useful when used for small assembly room applications, and when configured within machines, or in circuits, that are already equipped with their own reservoir. Common applications include industry, marine and shipping.

All Euro Press Pack pumps are fully accredited to ISO 9001-1996 and, more recently, ISO 14001-2008; these certifications testify to the company’s commitment to quality, safety, and reliability. They also assure quick delivery times.

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