Hawe AN and NA Connection Blocks


The Hawe AN and NA series connection blocks are suitable for dual-circuit pumps. These connection blocks feature a pressure-limiting valve and one or two shut-off valves. Directional valves are integrated in some cases or can be flange-mounted or connected via pipes.

Intermediate blocks merge the flows of the dual-circuit pump through shut-off valves, thus facilitating the mounting of connection blocks for single-circuit pumps according to D6905AB. Valve banks with directional valves can be fitted directly to the Hawe type AN or NA connection blocks. This creates a compact hydraulic control unit for a wide variety of stationary and even mobile applications. The integrated pressure-limiting valve and and direct mounting save space, servicing a compact design.

Key technical specifications of the Hawe AN series are:

  • Maximum pressure: 500 bar
  • Low operating pressure: 150 bar
  • Flow rate: 18 litres / minute

Meanwhile, technical specifications of the Hawe NA series are:

  • Maximum pressure: 700 bar
  • Low operating pressure: 150 bar
  • Flow rate: 12 litres / minute

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