Hawe BA and NZP Connection Blocks


The Hawe BA valve bank combines different valves for operating independent consumers. Type BA directional valve banks consist of several valve sections, each based on sub-plates. They can be used to flexibly assemble compact hydraulic manifolds. This valve bank can be flange mounted directly on the hydraulic power packs, or used as a separately arranged bank for the pipe connection.

The Hawe type NZP intermediate plates make it possible to include additional functions for example; pressure-reducing valves, shock valves, load-holding valves etc. If necessary, an intermediate plate can also be inserted between the sub-plate and the valve. More simply, hydraulic accumulators can be mounted directly

Technical specifications of the Hawe Type BA include:

  • Maximum pressure: 400 bar
  • Flow rate: 50 litres/ minute

Meanwhile, technical specifications of the Hawe Type NZP are:

  • Maximum pressure: 320-500 bar
  • Flow rate: 30 – 100 litres/ minute

Common applications include Clamping systems on machine tools and equipment, and process control on deforming machine tools

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