Hawe CAV Series Throttle Valves


The Hawe CAV valve is a  shut-off, throttle valves to perform a metering function. These valves are designed to cause a pressure drop between the inlet and outlet side. This allows for the velocity of cylinders in accumulator circuits, and the flow rate in control circuits, to be regulated. This throttle valve can also completely shut off a consumer line, (e.g. to protect a pressure gauge).

The CAV valve produces a controls oil flow effect by means of an slotted throttle, making it insensitive to micro-contamination of the hydraulic fluid. It can be screwed in and integrated to control blocks. If necessary, mounting holes are easy to machine. Various configurations of the CAV can be optioned, hence this valve can be used in a broad range of hydraulic systems. 

Key technical specifications of the Hawe CAV valve include:

  • Maximum pressure: 500 bar
  • Flow rate: 25 – 50  litres/ minute

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