Hawe V80M Axial Piston Pump


The Hawe V80M is an axial piston pump operating according to the bent axis principle. The V80M can adjust the geometric output from the maximum to zero, this varies the flow rate that can be provided to loads. The V80M operates on the swash plate principle and is optimised for mobile hydraulic circuits. Thru-shaft compatibility enables the V80M to work in tandem with other pumps. In this application full torque is available at the second pump in the series.

A large selection of potential pump controllers allows the V80M axial piston pump to be used in a broad spectrum of uses. The pump is optimised for continuous operation in challenging applications. The V80M has been specialised for high speed and high nominal pressure for utilisation in more demanding mobile systems. This pump requires little instillation space, given its output.

Summary technical specifications for the Hawe V80M axial piston pump inlcude:

  • Displacement: 202 cc/rev
  • System pressure: 350 bar
  • Peak pressure: 450 bar

Common applications:

  • Machines for forestry and agricultural purposes
  • Cranes and lifting equipment
  • Construction machines

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