Hy-Pro RV60D Direct Acting Relief Valve


The Hy-Pro RV60D valve is a direct acting cartridge relief valve. It is used in a range of inline mounted manifolds with 3 or 4 G1/2 ports, or as a standalone cartridge for incorporation within a manifold.

The dual line, twin cartridge manifold is commonly used to prevent shock loads in hydraulic motors and equal ended cylinders. Adjustments are made using a grub screw and lock nut, which can be fitted with an optional tamper evident cap.

The RV60D has a quick response time, stable performance and good hysteresis characteristics. The hardened steel piston and viton seal offer long life with a high degree of dirt tolerance for harsh applications. It is supplied as a cartridge for incorporation in to your manifold or in a range of single or twin cartridge manifolds.

Key technical specifications of the Hy-Pro RV60D are as follows:

  • Maximum flow: 60 litres per minute
  • Maximum pressure: 250 bar
  • Setting range at 40 lpm 25 to 250 bar
  • Temperature rating: minimum -20ºC | maximum +65ºC
  • Manifold ports: G1/2
  • Rate: (40L/min) 25 bar per turn
  • Recommended oil: Mineral based hydraulic ISO VG37
  • Filtration (minimum): 25 micron
  • Materials: Body – Nitrotec NQ3 | Piston: Hardened BC Standard 0,19 | Cap: Nitrotec NQ3 | Manifold: Aluminium BS 1490 | Seals: reciprocating Viton | Seals: static Nitrile

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